Use your market potential through effective IT solutions.
Our service package guarantees a high security standard and - optionally - regular Support.

  •  Selection and procurement of hardware
  •  Needs analysis with alternative solutions
  •  Development of security concepts
  •  Establishment of intranet / internet configuration of web and application Servers
    • Connection to your backend systems
    • Setting up firewalls
    • install proxy servers
    • Installation of email servers
    • Commissioning of data networks
    • Creation of data backup concepts
    • Datenbanksicherungen
    • Automated backups

The safety plus: We protect you against (avoidable!) Downtimes in advance by analyzing your hardware landscape and making necessary changes. In productive operation, you can therefore rely on stable, high-performance systems at all times.
We keep you up to date with new products and updates so that your systems are always state-of-the-art.