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The high-end database server Exadata Database Machine V2 is especially designed for data warehousing and online transaction processing applications. The Database Machine is pre-configured and delivered on standard components based on "Enterprise Ready".

Data warehouse systems play a central role among key applications in companies. They support almost all technical and commercial areas, whether it is finance or controlling, supply chain, customer relationship management or business intelligence systems: An effective data warehouse (DWH) is the basis for a professional corporate management in general.

To obtain the most detailed picture of a company and therefore valuable management fundamentals, DWH are fed strongly and used intensively - the number of applications and tools is constantly increasing. The complexity of the DWH and the staff necessary to keep the system usable grow in step. If then also online transaction processing (OLTP) systems are added, the performance gets worse and worse, despite efforts of IT departments, with the growth of applications. Long waiting times result in non-effective operational systems that cannot adequately provide important information for corporate control. Slow processes not only cost money, but also endanger the competitiveness and make users unhappy.

In traditional architectures usually too little bandwidth is available for the transmission of large amounts of data between the storage systems, which is often half-heartedly tried to be solved by parallel lines or the use of compression techniques. However, there are also other causes for the poor performance: Too many drive systems depend on a controller, the protocols used are slow and the block-oriented reading of the data also acts as a brake.

Exadata Database Machine V2  
The Exadata Database Machine V2 eliminates these bottlenecks and is roughly twice as fast as version 1. In the basic version (Quarter Rack) the new version consists of two database and three storage servers and can be expanded in the Full Rack version by eight database and 14 storage servers. Each storage server is pre-configured with two Intel Xeon E5540 quad-core processors with 24 GB random access memory and 384 GB Exadata Smart Flash Cache, twelve SAS or SATA hard drives and storage controllers with 512 MB Cache. The rapid transport of data is executed via InfiniBand connections with up to 40 Gbit/sec.

By the factor 10 to 100 times faster                                                           
This package solves performance problems of large applications and works completely transparent, without having to change existing applications. Concerning data warehouse applications, the performance can be improved by a factor of 10 to 100 times, concerning OLTP applications by 20 times. The Exadata Database Machine version 2 is linearly scalable and accelerates the data throughput due to its massively parallel architecture of hard drives and servers and by the Exadata Smart Flash Cache. The fast flash memory provides 384 GB capacity per storage server and ultimately provides an enormous increase in performance. Particularly interesting for users is also that the Exadata Database Machine V2 no longer requires manual tuning, but works automatically.

Features at a glance:

  • InfiniBand network protocol (40 Gbit/sec.)
  • Massive parallelization of disks and servers
  • Smart Flash Cache 384 GB
  • 10 - 40 fold compression (creates additional volume and saves money)
  • 21 GB/sec. IO data throughput from storage to database server (SAS disks)
  • 50 GB/sec. IO data throughput from storage to database server (Flash memory)
  • 100% reliability of Oracle RAC and ASM

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