Exalogic elastic cloud runs all your application faster.
Exalogic can ...

  • ... more than 600 milion meter news paper per hour
  • ... more than 1 milion http requests per second
  • ... more than 1,8 milion messages per second

... handle

ISE Oracle Technology Center „Exalogic Elastic Cloud”

The Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud combines as an engineered system network,
Server, memory and software for an optimally coordinated overall system.

The Exalogic platform was developed to make Java applications the best possible
Operating platform. It is the ideal virtualized infrastructure platform for the operation of applications such as Shop systems or the Oracle Fusion middleware. In addition, this "virtual data center" can serve for the creation and operation of public / private clouds or as a consolidation platform for applications.

In combination with Oracle Exadata, it offers the best architecture for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, OLTP, JAVA applications or non-Oracle applications such as SAP.

Test your applications in the ISE Oracle Technology Center, in one of the most modern data centers in Europe, with the following scope of services:  

  • individual test planning and test execution
  • Custom application setup
  • Performance tests (performance, latency, virtualization, parallelization, scaling)
  • Showing the optimization potential
  • Analysis and presentation of the test results

The cost of tests are charged per day and credited when the order is placed.
Our ISE-EXA * experts are available to you at any time to create individual Exalogic test advice.

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