Data Base Appliance

Since May 2015 there is also an Oracle Data Base Appliance in our IOTC

The Oracle Data Base Appliance (ODA) is a fully integrated and redundant system of software, servers, storage and network functions that offers highly available database services for a wide range of OLTP and data warehousing applications.

Thanks to simple provision, maintenance and support of database workloads, with ongoing support from Oracle, savings of up to 2000 working hours over a period of 3 years are possible.

With the help of software licensing (Capacity On-Demand), scaled from 2 to 72 processor cores can be carried out quickly without the costs and downtimes otherwise associated with hardware upgrades.

The ODA enables companies to combine OLTP and data warehousing databases with a size of up to 128 TB and is therefore ideal for medium-sized companies and department systems.

By supporting virtualization, customers can deploy comprehensive, highly available solution applications for branch offices.